Can’t finish Run survey on IOS


I was filling out the survey about running on Zwift but where it asks to rate each item on a list of possible improvements, it doesn’t allow to select all items. It will remove the value in previous rows and only set the value in the currently selected row.
It does not allow moving to the next page until all rows are filled out, so exit is the only option.

I’m on IOS 17.1.2 and using safari browser.
Will try Windows desktop tonight.

That question allows for only one selection of most important, then one selection for next, etc. So only one answer for 1-5. I agree it was worded a bit oddly.

Hi Ellie,

Got it, now it worked. The wording wasn’t that bad now I know.

Great to see that Running may be getting some extra attention!

Thanks for your help

Run on :wink: