Can someone explain the three letter acronyms?

I’ve been on Zwift for a year and change and still haven’t really wrapped my head around the three/four letter acronyms scattered through the events. A quick scroll through the events in the companion app lists out the following acronyms: ZBR, ECC, KISS, SAS, WDD, WBR, NZR, USMES, and my favorite, CRYO-GEN ZTGR. How do you go about decoding these cryptic incantations? My guess was that these are local cycling clubs that organize virtual cycling events. For the longest time I though you had to be part of that crew to join the events. I realize now that’s not the case.

My next guess was that these organizations run specific types of events… racing leagues, social spins, specific types of workouts. How do I know whether I should join the WBR or KISS racing series? Where do I go find out where the series starts/ends? Are the results kept track of anywhere besides zwiftpower? I’m not sure. What’s the difference between a BRM and SZR event? I still haven’t figured that out either.

My latest assumption is that events are essentially promotions for the sponsor in order to drive traffic and eyeballs to their site/company/service. I could be wrong about this.

I wish there was more explanation about this in Zwift, companion app, or the website. 99% of the time I just look at the event schedule and a time and distance that works for me on that day, and disregard the information about the organizer.

If you take a look at the description that ride leaders put in the events you will find all this information. this details can be found in the companion app under events and also on the website.

Most if not all results are on Zwif


That’s a pretty good approach. Most of the teams/clubs have facebook pages where you can get more information but definitely feel free to jump in and out as you see fit. You might find events or series that you particularly enjoy and/or offer different things.