Can not show mapping mode

I use shimano crank powermeter, ant sensern iphone 7plus, and mac book air os highsierra 10.13.6, and same wifi.
I already reinstoll the zwift and companion.
I can agree the any race by using of companion.
But I can not show map mode during traning.
In compainon, map is not able to show.

Hey Miyamoto, can you upload a screenshot of your Zwift Companion app while you’re in a ride?

Also can you try completing shutting down your phone, then restart it and launch Zwift Companion? Sometimes this can be a wifi issue and a phone restart can clean it up.
If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting from wifi on your phone then reconnect.

Thank you for your mail.
I use same wifi. but not link between iPhone 7plus and Mac book.
Many times restarted of wifi or iPhone.

I will try to use another wifi.
I want to use remote system of swift companion.
Sincerely yours.

My system as below:
Simano power crank to ant+ in MacBook Air 13inch 2017 Mac OS 10.13.6
HR senser of Garmin forerunner 235 to ant+ in macbook.
Iphone 7 plus was connected to same wifi.

Zwift companion feel the access of Zwift.
But I can not see map or controllar.

Same issue only happened today. Reinstalled companion still not working. Yes they are on same wifi connection. Also not kit for completing the 5 rides despite emails.

@Miyamoto_Kenji do you not see the map on every ride you do in Zwift, even free ride? Or did it only disappear when you agreed to start a race?

Thank you for your comment.
Every time , i.e., workingout, freerun, and race. a few years ago, I remembered once time succesed map mode, when I use the zwift companion at first time.
Now every days, map can not see on zwift compaion.

Dear zwift’s friends.
I get the answer.

low power mode in iPhone was off.
Next, auto off mode was off.

Finally, I can get map mode of companion!

Sincerely yours.

Ride on!

Thank you for your kindness!!!

Wow thanks for the tip @Miyamoto_Kenji ! I’ll keep this troubleshooting step in mind and advise it for others who come across this issue. Let me know if the map disappears again despite these changes. :ride_on:

I’ve turned low power on in phone. Still no map. Phone is fully charged.

I am on your side.
I stopped auto lock mode and low-power mode.

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Yes keep lower power mode off for Zwift Companion in order to see the map. :earth_americas: