Can not participate in the event?!

Unfortunately, my kilometers are not added up for the current Event NB Marathon Mission.

See pictures.

What can this be?

How did you sign up? The T&C say opt-ins on an iOS device are not permitted, although I don’t know if that means the opt-in is actually disabled.

It might be that the distance takes a bit of time to be reflected in the start screen.

I registered myself via my Windows computer and ZWIFT as a desktop variant.

The kilometers I run using my treadmill and IPad.

Does that mean I’m not allowed to run the miles with my Ipad?

No, that’s fine.

To be eligible, you must opt-in for this Mission via a Windows, Android or Mac device. You may complete the Mission via an iOS device, however, opt-ins to participate via iOS are not permitted.

My emphasis. Completion recording might be bugged. You could raise a support ticket about it.

The update for the December missions has not been released to iOS/iPadOS devices yet, so the miles you run/ride using those devices will not could towards the mission(s).

But if the screenshot shows the mission panel, surely it’s updated?

I am guessing that is a screen shot from his PC, I just checked my iPhone and it only shows Zwift Academy.

My PC is at 1.0.43784
My iPhone is at 1.0.42345

Ah, maybe yeah. I only have PC and Android, and my phone is at 1.0.43784.

It’s actually on my ipad / version of ZWIFT for IOS.

Yesterday I ran with my smartphone and the Android version of ZWIFT. The kilometers were added to the mission.

The iOS version was just released last night that has the December mission available.