Can Mac mini run 2 accounts at once with 2 monitors?

Does anyone have a Mac Mini that is setup to run 2 separate Zwift accounts at the same time with 2 monitors? Each account displayed on it’s own monitor.

I’d like to have only 1 computer shared between me and my wife and be able to train at same time.


Can be done on PC, not sure on Mac. Doubt it, tbh. You need separate ANT+ and/or BT adapters btw.

While I haven’t tried it w/Zwift, you can run multiple instances of an app on Mac OS via the following from a terminal session: open -n "/path/application_name"

If curious/cautious, you can first try: open -help to see what open does along w/its options :sweat_smile:

I’d try it but I am currently w/out my MacBook for another week or so.

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