Can I use a TCX or GPX file from Strava to create a route?

Would love to be able to load rides from Strava, Show whatever scenary you wish.

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You mean something like this:

Here is another link:

I can’t see they will ever be able to do this.  Check out when you see the amount of work they have to do for the current tracks being able to ride freely following your route would be too much work.  

If you want to ride with google maps then the TACX software will allow you to do this see 

That’s a tall order, however even though it’s not supported in Zwift at this time, it never hurts to submit the feature request. 

We have a Feature Request Forum and you can visit these forums to search for similar types of suggestions that you and others may share to help improve Zwift. If you like, you can even add a request of your own.