can i review my rides on zwift?

(Victor Carrola) #1

I finished my first ride and I can see it in my activity on the mobile device, but I cant seem to click it to view any details.  I logged on to zwift on my macbook and I saw a couple of menu bar items at the top, but they were not responsive.

So, what do i do to review my ride details in swift?

(Scott) #2

Hi Victor - at the moment, there is no more detailed data available to view within Zwift. Adding a more granular view to your ride details is on our radar.

In the meantime, we recommend heading over to our friends at Strava and creating a free account. You can connect your Strava account so your rides automatically upload by navigating to Settings > Connections on your dashboard on

There are also a host of other 3rd party sites you can manually upload your FIT files to like Garmin, MapMyRide, etc to analyze your ride data.

(Jim M #3

Once your rides are on Strava, use the “Analysis” button near the top left to see a graph of power, cadence, HR, and speed. You can click and drag to look at a subset (interval) and see average power, speed, HR, and cadence. It’s not nearly as good as WKO, Golden Cheetah, or other cycling software, but it is mildly useful.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #4

Strava handles it well.

(Peter Kazaks) #5

Any update on this?  I’m new to using Zwift, and would like to use it to track my training.  Being able to go back and review how I did on workouts would be useful.

(rob GodwinHCC) #6

Would be nice to have this in the Zwift mobile link app as the analysis in Strava is PC only (i.e. not available in the mobile app) and training peaks graphs are only for premium members.  Since I already pay for Zwift, I don’t really want to pay another subscription to see my activity!!

(Stephen James) #7

Hi I’m on the mobile app and can’t see how to add my Strava account? Not very intuitive, or am I missing something?

(Paul Allen) #8


You can do it on the website:

(Roberto Bersani) #9

In January 14, 2016 this features was on radar of Zwift. After 2 years still no news?

The graph shown at the end of the ride is very good, it is not possibile to view it again after the ride?


(Enrique Diaz-Alvarez1177) #10

Yeah, this seems like a key feature and one that shouldn’t be too hard to add.

(Colin Parker) #11

This is something that I feel is desperately needed. I can’t compare my times from various attempts at different routes and segments. And when I select a given route for my workout, I expect the ride to end when that route does, or at least give me a cool down, but no I just keep going and going without any evidence that the route has been completed. Very strange.

(Grant Rendle) #12

Just joined Zwift and at the moment the novelty is fun.  However at £12.99 a month - I’d like to see some more detail post ride activity come pretty soon! Even if it’s just some extra numbers, the fancy charts and graphs can come later.

I have fee Strava and Strava pro is going up slowly.

Just as an example I know I have power states. My fancy trainer (costing £1k) has a power meter and Zwift (costing £12.99 a month) records my power, so would be nice to see it.

I don’t care if I’m not a pro and I don’t care if I’m not a coach. I just want to see pretty numbers, it’s fun, it’s motivating and I throwing money at it so Zwift - give me some more activity functionality/stats!

(Gerard Rampal) #13

And we are all paying $20 a month for this without such a basic feature. 2.5 years on can we get an update zwift?