Can I mute the audio in zwift? Also, how about a more robust visual alert on times to beat

(Ethan Seltzer) #1

I’d like the ability to mute the music (enough with the banjos!) and other sounds. Is that possible? I generally stream a movie or TV on a separate monitor and the sound from the zwift app interferes. It would be nice to mute some sounds but not all. Be cool to get a beep or something when a sprint is about to take place.

Also, how about something poping up in the middle of the screen to alert you about a time to beat. Something to get your attention, especially if we can mute the audio.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

I don’t recall if Win7 has this, but Windows 8 lets you click on the speaker icon on the start bar by the clock and click “mixer”, and at that point you can mute any individual app. Maybe give that a try?

The game will have a config screen pretty soon and standard game volume knobs will be in there.

(L Read) #3

Jon is correct. YOu can mute in Win7 using “mixer” after clicking the speaker icon.

(Andrew Kaszubski) #4

Any way of doing this on a Mac ? I would rather listen to music on the laptop rather than compete with zwift sound effects.