Can i get a Route Badge, if I started out on another route?

Hello all,
Is it possible to get a route comlete badge, if I started out on a different route?
Yesterday, I started out on an easy sunday roll, selecting Tire-Bouchon in France. However, the legs felt good, and when I saw the road sign to Ven-Top i thought “Why not today?? The legs feel good, and I have the time”. I did in style (if i do say so myself). 1:53 with a 234 w average, which I was quite surprised that I could sustain for so long. I believe both routes have the same start point, but starting out as one, and finishing the other, I ended up with neither of the route badges. Being from Denmarks – one of the flattest countries on earth – I am fairly proud of my achievement. Is there a way to get the Ven-Top badge when I rode the whole route, but didn’t start with it as my route selection ? Or do I need to do it one more time ?
Cheers, Morten

I’m afraid you’ll only get the badge if you have that route selected and don’t make manual turns.

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Thanks for the speedy reply. At least I have the segment :slight_smile: