Can I enable ERG Mode on a "Just Ride" mode?

I have tried reading up on this - but what i can see from reading / and experience , there is no option to enable Erg Mode when you select “Just Ride”

Apple Tv / Wahoo Kickr 2018.

My scenario is , i want to go for a general ride , but want to limit my Watts / set Erg Mode to say 150 watts - ie to do a recovery ride .


Yes, but you control the trainer and enable ERG from >>outside<< of Zwift with the Wahoo Fitness app on your phone or your ELEMNT head unit.

Simply disconnect the KICKR as the Controllable Trainer from the Pairing screen in Zwift, then use your Phone or ELEMNT to do the trainer controlling (ERG or otherwise). The power source within Zwift stays the same as what you’re using already.


Thx Aaron , that’s seems a bit fiddly . Any plans to make this available in. Zwift ?


Not sure - I’m just a regular Zwift user. But it would be a handy feature.

ah sorry , thx for pitching in / help

Created Feature request / vote it up / spread the work !

Why don’t you just create a workout with one big block of Z1. Easy problem solved.


awesome idea Gerrie, hadn’t thought of that , bit of a zwift newb / tired due to lack of recovery … :slight_smile:

cheers , i mean Ride ON

Glad I could help.

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Ride On!