Can i disable bluetooth on the android app?

I have a kickr snap which i connect up with ant+ to zwift with no issues. I dont want to connect via bluetooth at all to zwift as all my sensors are ant + too and i dont find the app stable enough.

The problem i have is if im in zwift and then start the android app the bluetooth seems to overide the ant connection between the trainer and zwift and knocks out the controllable resistance… i get round this by disabling bluetooth on my phone before launching the app, not ideal as my watch is connected to my phone via bluetooth and when i forget and the resistance gets knocked out mid ride its infuriating as i have to exit zwift and restart it to get it back (happened today on second lap of a group ride).

I want to disable bluetooth from within zwift is there anyway i can do this?

The problem i have

Oops, never mind, you already mentioned this in your message.

Yes and i do but when i forget to disable bluetooth , start a ride and then launch the phone app it messes up the controllable resistance and i have to restart zwift to restore it which is a pain if on a group ride as i either have to put up with it or leave the ride…i want to disable bluetooth sensors from within zwift or the mobile app