Can I at all control power/ resistance on my Direto?

Setting desired power/ resistance in ERG-mode
I’ve been zwifting since oct 2017. Normally I tend to do ERG-activities at home, and intervals at spinning lessons at my gym.
When I did my ERG-sessions during last winter I sat my FTP to 256W which gave approx 200W during the ERG session.

Fluctuating power readings
I’ve had a pause from zwifting during summer, and when I returned to my Direto trainer last month I’m not at all able to control resistance in ERG mode. Now I get typically 160-170W with the same FTP setting in ERG-mode. Increasing to 300W still gives approx 170W.
Powerreadings also fluctuates quite a lot. During my short SST it fluctuates between 170-270W when I’m trying to maintain 230W for 5min.
Are there any kind of cleaning that could be done to the optical sensor to avoid such behavior?

Are there any kind of changes in the Win application since may 2018 that can be causing this behavior? Any tips and advices is much appreciated

For info

  • the trainer is calibrated and i’m pedalling using a steady effort (like I use to when outside using my Favero Assiomas).
  • Direto is connected to my Win 10 computer using ANT+
  • Trainer difficulty set to 50%

Hey @Joran_Garden we’ve been monitoring resistance issues and although ANT + is a little rarer, we might have some leads.

In the meantime can you try troubleshooting your ANT + connection with the steps in this guide here?

Afterwards, can you send us a support ticket with your log files for your recent rides that were affected?

Support Conversation:
How to find log files:

Thank you!

Thanks for reaching out Vincent. I’ll supply the logs and follow your detailed guide later today