Cam 0 vs. left/right turns

I often ride using Camera 0 (nice pulled back 45 degree elevated view), but it always seems that when I select a Pace Partner to ride with, moving the camera left/right ends up with a route change away from the PP I was riding with. What seems to be happening is Zwift confuses a left/right action for the Camera with a direction change. I wish you’d fix this so that when Camera 0 is being used, left/right applies consistently to the camera, not requesting a route change. :frowning:

Couldn’t agree more. This is especially infuriating for anyone trying to complete a route badge, especially the longer ones. Overloading two completely different functions on one set of buttons is horrible UI design.

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Slightly off topic but on a similar theme it is really annoying that the turn buttons replace the workout buttons on the map view on the companion app, a turn always seems to coincide with me wanting to skip a segment or increase or decrease the wattage of a segment.

Just happened to me, moving the 0 camera around while riding with a pace partner… go back to view 1, pace partner turns left and i go right :man_facepalming:

But at least we got a new font… priorities ya know.