Calories issue


I have noticed that while I am driving on Zwift, I have much less calories burned compared to Garmin or Strava; on some very similar rides.

Have others noticed that? Differences are 2-3 times, not something small.


There are different ways to calculate the calories burned. I doubt all three platforms use the same formula. However, they should be relatively close. Power and weight are important.

Double check that your weight is entered the same on all three platforms. Strava even has weight for your bike. I don’t remember if Garmin does.

Lastly, are you using the same power meter/source for your “similar rides”?

When I am on bike, I use garmin edge 500 and strava is turned on on my phone and they are both quite similar in counting of calories. Only Strava asks for my weight :slight_smile:

On Zwift I am using Satori Smart and Ant+ and calories are shown on my screen.

‘‘Similar rides’’ are flat rides, 30km in 1h - can’t be that much difference between platformes.

It sounds like you do not have a power meter on your bike. if that is the case, then it can vary quite a bit when comparing indoor to outdoors. Indoors (i.e.,Zwift), your calculation is based on power.

Here is some more information for you:

Different Calorie calculations for Garmin vs. Strava

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