Calorie measurement

(Eric Eddy) #1

I’m curious what method is used to calculate calories burned?

When I download the FIT files, and upload to Garmin/TrainingPeaks I noticed Connect assumes I used a Garmin Edge 500 (which I think uses 1st Gen firstbeat algorithm).

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Every application estimates calories to a degree. Strava has their own calculations and we do as well (based off wattage and human efficiency). They will most likely become more accurate over time.

(Charles Wall) #3

My calorie calculations seem off by about 200% from strava’s gps calculations and and the online calculators I’ve used in the past. what gives?

I’m 220lbs I ride 15 miles over 1 hour.

Zwift: ~300 calories

Strava: ~950 calories 998 calories


(David, Pretend Cyclist) #4

It’s the same for me…way off.

60 minutes, 145 avg bpm at 142 lbs (5 ft 6)

Zwift = 560 ish
Most calorie calculators = 860 ish

(Niels DEEDS) #5

For me it’s the same … 4wk FTP booster - 80% FTP / 50 min

Garmin Forerunner 935 - 660 kcal

Zwift with Tacx Neo - 356 kcal 

Too much of a difference for 2-3 high-end priced products :wink:

Makes the value rather obsolet. 

Does anyone have an idea which to trust more?