Calibration wrench icon appears then disappears [October 2023]

I’ve just tried this too and hey presto, it worked. Thank you Mitch for the time and effort of working it out!

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I am having real issues with the same problem. 90% of the time there is simply no spanner icon to click on, on the pair screen.

On a few occasions the spanner did miraculously appear but when I tried calibrate it just came up with a screen that says waiting for device and gets stuck on that. On one occasion I got a step further and it told me to pedal to a certain speed but then no speed registered despite pedalling furiously.

I really need to calibrate my hub because wattage and speed is all over the place.

Also what is ANT+ that is mentioned, I assumed I was just connected via blootooth?

another type of connection that was around long before bluetooth. You would need an ANT+ USB dongle to use it, if you have bluetooth and are satisfied then stick with bluetooth.

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I am having the same problem (wrench will sometimes not appear but when it does it disappears after a few seconds) and the Zwift Forum Manager has posted that it’s a known problem and they are working on a fix.

I can’t post a link but if you search the forums for “calibration-wrench-icon-appears-then-disappears-october-2023/612751/10” or add it after the /t/ in the forums URL you should hit the post and find the reply from Shuji on 10/21.

Until a fix comes along we will be forced to rely on the auto-calibrate feature of the Zwift hub.

Ok thanks for this. Will just have to hope auto calibrate is enough for now then.

Just got a new swift hub (one), and the wrench only shows up for maybe 500ms before disappearing in some situations and is never there in others. My power felt way off compared to my power meter outside and relative to my heart rate at the beginning of my first ride, but seemed more realistic at the end so maybe auto calibration worked. Any updates on a fix to force an occasional spindown calibration (as the manual that shipped with the hub says to do monthly)?

@shooj Hey, are you guys still working on a fix for that ? The calibration is also not working for me.

Got the same issue. I can’t calibrate, it says waiting for device.
@shooj We need your help and your feedback on that issue. That’s not acceptable to have this issue for so long, and we continue to pay 15€ montly. As we are not using our Zwift hub correctly. Thanks

Hey all -

The Zwift Hub trainer will autocalibrate as long as it’s on firmware version 4.x or newer. Currently - latest firmware is version 5.2.2. Please see this support article for the details if you want to force the calibration to happen.

One thing to note is that your Hub trainer must be paired over Bluetooth for the calibration. It will not calibrate over ANT+.

This is to say there is no longer a need to manually calibrate, and the wrench icon should not be displaying at all. This will be fixed in the next Zwift game update v 1.52.

Hi Shuji,

Is there a way to track this issue somewhere? I really liked the ability to perform a manual calibration through the wrench icon and I would be very interested in knowing when is it coming back.

Many thanks!

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Recently came back to Zwift after an injury. Updated my firmware to 5.2.2 and struggled to get the Hub to connect afterwards - frustrating.

However once I got it connected after multiple restarts and faff, noticed manual calibration was removed for some insane reason. Saw that auto-calibration was an addition (why remove manual still???) and tried to do a workout. Zwift thinks I now need to have an insane RPM just to reach 75w, and because there is no manual calibration I’m stuck with a glorified paper weight with no way to do workouts properly…

So it seems the manual calibration option is not coming back, correct? I mean it’s february 2024 now… :frowning: