Calibration Timeout may Occur for CycleOps Trainers

(Vincent) #1


There’s currently a bug where CycleOps smart trainers may timeout during calibration. If the timeout occurs, it will cause an incorrect resistance level to be recorded with the trainer, so we recommend avoiding using this feature if you have a CycleOps trainer for the time being.


While we’re working on fixing this, we recommend using the CycleOps Rouvy App for calibration instead. If you calibrated in Zwift and experienced the timeout issue, calibrating in the Rouvy app will also set the correct resistance level in the trainer again. Instructions are on their website.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on improving support for all trainers.

(Holger Manefeld [ZRG]) #2

Any Update available?

(Vincent) #3

No updates yet. Will update main post when I receive new info. Thanks for checking in!

(Thomas Righton 9668) #4

Has this issue been resolved yet?

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(Taylor Georges) #5

Downloading Rouvy now for the work around but please fix this bug soon :’(

(Chris Webb) #6

Any updates?

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(Anthony De Chiaro) #7

I can’t get Rouvy to calibrate my trainer anymore so Zwift is somewhat unusable. What is the ETA for a fix, it’s been months.

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(Greg) #8

I bought a Magnus trainer for christmas and disappointed that I can’t calibrate it to use in Zwift. Rouvy does not support Mac so I have to do this complicated workaround by pairing to my phone via bluetooth and then unpairing to use zwift everytime. I still feel it’s not quite right and I’m not getting the proper zwift experience.

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(Joel) #9

Is there a fix for this issue? It is a real pain to use the Rouvy app with my setup. Please fix this issue soon.

(Dennis) #10

please fix. i pay a subscription to what i believe to be the premier app for indoor training. i downloaded rouvy and calibrated my trainer. i don’t want rouvy, i pay for zwift. i then tried it in zwift for giggles and it worked. however, the wrench that says i need to calibrate is still there. 1200 dollar hammer trainer, 15 bucks a month on zwift. c-mon folks give us our money’s worth!

(Lauren) #11

The wrench icon will always be available to select if you’re paired to Zwift using a trainer that can be calibrated in Zwift.

(Adam) #12

The Rouvy work around did not work. Has there been any work on fixing this??? I have a friend who’s trainer road seems to calibrate fine with the hammer. Is the Hammer just old now and no longer being worked on by the development team? Please fix this!