Calibration issues on Computrainer

(Brian Heiland) #1

It might be best to build in an automatic calibration mode with periodic retest to confirm that the calibration is accurately set.

If I calibrate my computrainer accurately before connection my output and my ability to ride with other riders is probably fairly accurate. Wattage output and speed on hills etc.

It is easy to intentionally miss calibrate the trainer to have a performance advantage. I did this intentionally to see if I could get any of the jerseys. On my first lap out I got the polkadot, Green and fastest lap. I know that I didn’t deserve them so I disconnected and re-calibrated accurately.

The fact that is so easy to do a false calibration and the system has no means to check or recheck the calibration is something I think really needs to be addressed.

Certainly it does not do any good to train with an inaccurate setup, but like doping in the real sport there is the temptation to cheat because there are “awards”. I deleted my session from Strava because I want to be able to see improvement over time, and had set some un-realistic times.

I am not a fan of the game like features or power ups. I don’t force using those features as my bike is too far from the keyboard. Again these features are like doping in the real world. Drafting is one thing that is okay but some of the other power ups are just junk in my opinion.

(Ron Skinner) #2

I assume if you do not use power ups then you still get the new chance for the small and large +? If it does not affect your chances to get points towards jerseys etc I would prefer to just ignore the power ups. I would like though to see real drafting numbers, ie when I am in the draft I should be able to stay with the rider in front using fewer watts/kg. It seems to me that I can be doing more watts/kg and be right on the wheel. I want to train in a virtual reality not play the game really. The jerseys are fun but knowing people are gaming the system makes it less so. I do not mind seeing a really strong rider get them but that is only if it is for real. Also there does need to be a calibration time out for those of us with comutrainers and other smart trainers that need a warm up to calibrate properly.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #3

It is easy to cheat on a trainer set up but there is no point really if you want to improve. I always do a 5-10 minute warmup before starting Zwift so that I can calibrate the CT. In an ideal world we would be competing on an even playing field but some will cheat a bit. This spoils the experience only slightly though for me as I am mainly competing against my own targets.

I agree it would be good to have a warmup area that you can just spin away until you calibrate. This way you are not on the course with an undercalibrated machine.

(anon46748293) #4

“It is easy to cheat on a trainer set up but there is no point really if you want to improve.”

Well there is a point for people who like to podium no matter what. Nobody prohibits you from doing your workouts while on ZWift ant those will improve you, If at the same you’ve tricked ZWift into believing that you have higher power you can also enjoy (yeah like it really worth something on such wide spectrum setups) winning you Jerseys or whatever else the game can award you.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #5

I would like to see the program offer an in-ride calibration option for CT users.  I warm up a bit before hand as well and calibrate but I wouldn’t mind just jumping right in and using the first lap or so as uncalibrated warm up if I knew the app would do it.


I don’t see this as necessarily a fairness enforcement but just a good user experience.  The best handling of this I’ve seen is with perfpro.  It pauses the workout at about the 9 minute point (or somewhere sensible based on what you are doing) and you do a quick spin up/down and get on with it.  Easy as pie for the end user.  What Zwift would need to do is to keep track of your general location among the pack and virtually jump you back where you belong so that people don’t feel like they got dropped from their place due to calibration.  Without this capability people would have an incentive to skip calibration.

(.. An Iron NFLDer) #6

I’m a new user.  To calibrate I’ve opened Racermate and do 10 min and then calibrate and then close RM and open Zwift and ride.  I’m hoping/assuming that my calibration is “held” by the CT head unit and used to produce accurate wattage readout in Zwift after i close the RM software,  Am I correct to be assuming this and calibrating this way? Would the Zwift ppl please advise?  I’m looking through the forum here to find Zwift’s official instructions for calibrating my CT for use in Zwift but I haven’t found it yet.  Personally, I find  using the RM for the first 10 minutes is easier than employing the workarounds involving unplugging and plugging back in things

(Stewart G teamWBR) #7

The CT will hold the calibration as long as you don’t turn the pressure screw on the tyre.

Once you have finished your Zwift workout and saved it wait until it closes then you can do another spin down test on the head unit to see if it has changed much.

(Robert Fleury 69) #8

We have 2 CTs running on Zwift. Using Continental spinning tires, we have set a tick at 115 lbs on the gauge of the air pump and we inflate the tires at that pressure before any Zwift session. Knowing that the CT has a default RC of 2,0 when powering up, we do a proper 10 minutes calibration test once a week in PerfPro or Racermate to set the tension knob on the CT to obtain an RC very near 2,0 or 2.1. We are thereafter confident that after 10 minutes in Zwift, our resistance will be very close to 2,0. After exercises tests has proven that to be correct. No need therefore to calibrate every day.