Calibrating Computrainer

(Timothy ODonnell) #1

Newby here but can someonw explain how I can calibrate my xomputrainwr 10 mins into my ride?

I have un pluggws the pc cord but when i plug it back in, it doesnt recognize the computrainer.

(Doug Goglia) #2

What I do is calibrate it after I finish riding and the load generator is warm,   I keep the load generator powered on all the time.  When I come back to my bike and reinflate my tire to the pressure at which the CT was calibrated, it’s ready to go.

(David Silcox PACK (D)) #3

Doug do you never shut the CT load generator off.  This sounds a little strange to me. I calibrate every time that I use the CT.  I clean the tire and roller with alcohol, inflate the tire to 100 lbs, I tighten the press on force, I ride for 15 minutes calibrate, do the workout and shut it all down.  Repeat next ride.  I will have to read the old manual again but I don’t think that Racer Mate would have approved of leaving it switched on.


Do you know where I can buy a new hard wired POLAR compatible HR sensor.  

(Doug Goglia) #4

I never turn the load generator off. I calibrate with 100lbs psi in my tire, and the press-on force around 3.00-3.25.  I wait until the tire is warm before calibrating,  Once the calibration is done, I can repump my tire to 100lbs before the next ride and get roughly the same roll down results.   I know a lot of the Racermate folks like Ray were calibrating the same way. It works.


(David Silcox PACK (D)) #5

I suppose that the only real difference in our processes is that I turn my load generator off.  I never use that much press on force (2.25 to 2.50) but I am 67 years old and not as strong as some guys.  I am considering discarding my POLAR HR unit and pairing my Garmin HR chest strap to an ANT+.