Calender for January 2019?

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Any news for the calender for January 2019?

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #2

Surprisingly, mostly Watopia, then some New York and sometimes London for a day or two. And yes, if we are lucky, then Innsbruck … or Richmond (have never seen it yet) …

don’t take me too much serious … :slight_smile: Happy New Year to all !!! :slight_smile:


(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #3

I hope this helps:

Keep in mind the course changeover happens at 21:00 Los Angeles time (PST) or UTC-8 hrs.

  1. Tuesday: London
  2. Wednesday: London
  3. Thursday: Watopia
  4. Friday: Watopia
  5. Saturday: New York
  6. Sunday: New York
  7. Monday: New York
  8. Tuesday: London
  9. Wednesday: London
  10. Thursday: London
  11. Friday: Watopia
  12. Saturday: Watopia
  13. Sunday: Watopia
  14. Monday: Watopia
  15. Tuesday: New York
  16. Wednesday: New York
  17. Thursday: Watopia
  18. Friday: Watopia
  19. Saturday: Watopia
  20. Sunday: London
  21. Monday: London
  22. Tuesday: New York
  23. Wednesday: New York
  24. Thursday: Watopia
  25. Friday: Watopia
  26. Saturday: Watopia
  27. Sunday: London
  28. Monday: London
  29. Tuesday: Watopia
  30. Wednesday: Watopia

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Interesting that Richmond and Innsbruck are not in the normal schedule even if Tour de Zwift is there for a few days.

(Lin) #6

FYI… you can get the calendar directly from Zwift: