Cadence trouble build me up program

I’m using a Saris H3 + latest Apple TV and it’s been working great until I hit Week 4 of the build me up program.

My cadence is jumping all over the place. I read that it might be problems with my bike calibration. When I tried to calibrate on Zwift I kept getting stuck on the 3rd stage of calibration process. I was able to calibrate using the Saris app but it still didn’t help my cadence problem . I’ve updated my tv, my Apple TV, and my iPhone. I deleted the Zwift app and then reinstalled it and still the cadence jumps. I’m going insane! I’m not sure what else to try. It either works perfectly and I can get 10/12 stars in my program or it goes wonky and I’ll get 3 stars. Heeeeeelpppp!!