Cadence sensor required for controlled resistance with Cyclops Hammer?

I read a review of the Cyclops Hammer direct drive trainer and it mentioned that a cadence sensor is required if you want controlled resistance in Zwift. Is this true? Just trying to find out what all I’m going to need if I buy the Hammer in order to get the full immersive experience in Zwift.

Hi Scott,

The Hammer should be able to control your resistance without the cadence sensor. You just need to select controllable trainer and power source on your pairing screen.


Hammer owner here. You don’t need a cadence sensor. If you update the firmware the last update added cadence. The Hammer will detect your cadence from your pedalling. It’s pretty accurate (provided you ride at a constant cadence). I’ve tested and compared against my power meter that has built in cadence.

Make sure to do a Spindown using the free Rouvy app from the Free ride page. Don’t do the spindown via the Zwift pairing screen. You also update the firmware on the Free ride page (should it need updating).

Awesome. Thanks!