Cadence seems to glitch

When in game looks like anything in the small ring doesn’t calculate properly it will say I’m doing a cadence of 40 when I’m actually doing 100-120. Changing gears back up to big ring seems to fix it but that shouldn’t happen. How do I stop this from happening so the game can read all gears and cadences correctly !

cadence doesn’t really count for anything in this game (unless you are using it during specific workouts) so if ur sensor is busted just disconnect it in connections screen. or buy a new cadence sensor e.g. Wireless Cycling Cadence Sensor w/ Bluetooth & ANT+ | Wahoo Fitness UK

If affects the watts, cadence sensor is pretty brand new

If you have a powermeter does cadence not matter. And I believe it also doesn’t when you use a speed sensor.

What equipment are you using to measure speed and cadence?