Cadence problem ONLY on workouts

Hi all,

I know there’s been many threads however i haven’t seen one for ONLY workout cadence problems, I ride free ride and group rides a lot, no problems at all with cadence… however on my build me up plan, I’m getting ridiculously jumpy cadence… I’ve checked the Bluetooth etc (which is ride underneath the trainer) my trainer is an elite novo smart trainer.


Every time this has happened to me shutting everything off (unplug Apple TV) and restarting has solved it. I do make sure the Companion App is off until everything else (trainer, Zwift, hr monitor) is properly connected but this might be a placebo.

For reference: Wahoo Kickr Core and Apple TV and Wahoo hr monitor.

I see, this hasn’t changed the problem for me. I’m having a heart rate monitor delivered tonight, hopefully that’ll help it?