cadence on computrainer is incorrect

(William Dooley) #1

the cadence display by zwift is considerably higher than what the cadence is on the handlebar controller for the computrainer?

ex zwift displays 94
computrainer 78

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Next time you ride, can you check to see if the number display on Zwift says “RPM” or “VRPM” next to it? If it’s “VRPM” it means Zwift is just filling in a faked rpm number in order to give your avatar some meaningful animation - and is usually a sign that cadence didn’t successfully get paired.

Currently with computrainer you may have to pedal a little to even allow for wired cadence to get detected in the pairing screen. It’s admittedly not something I’ve tested much.

(Jeff Hirsch) #3


This is a known issue and was reported by several folks.

Someone even created a support ticket: Ticket #2421

(Craig Pate) #4

Like Jon mentioned, it seems to me that it takes about a minute or so of riding and then the cadence is pretty good.

(Jeff Hirsch) #5

Not for me, it’s off for the entire ride. I’ve started just using my Quarq for cadence.

(Craig Pate) #6

Jeff, I checked mine again all throughout the ride today and you’re correct. Both sides. CT was at 70 / Zwift 84, CT 110 / Zwift 98

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #7

My CT says RPM and the variance (about 15 rpm higher on screen) seems pretty consistent throughout the time riding.

(Chris Hughes) #8

Also seeing this on my computrainer. The CT box will say the correct rpm and zwift will be about 25rpm higher

(Jon Mayfield) #9

This was infact a bug and it’s been fixed. The next update (this week) will include the fix. Sorry about that guys.

(William Dooley) #10

As of the last update as described below. The cadence is still not correct.