Cadence matching power at the lowest gear only

Hi there,
Recently started zwifting and loving the experience. I have Kinetic fluid trainer with inride sensor. Been part of the workout programs where they generally require to be at 85-95rpm and a maximum of 110w power. For me it’s tough to maintain both of them and the only option is to go to the lowest gear to optimize

anything on rpm.

I must admit that going at the bigger cog on front does lower my cadence, but any push on that shoots up with power to 150w.

Just wanted to check if this is normal? Anything else that can be done to match my power and cadence to mature zwift calibration?

Your post is a little difficult to understand but if you are using a training program on swift AND you have a smart trainer (controllable by Zwift) than all you need to do is pick any gear you want and just maintain the desired power level. That maybe 110 rpm or 60 rpm, just maintain focus on maintaining the desired power level. Zwift has ERG mode and as long as it is enables it will maintain the desired wattage. Read up on ERG.