Cadence from Runn sensor is doubled in Zwift

I just did a powerwalk in Zwift, say I walk with around 5.5km/h only.
That way I was wondering because the spm in Zwift where always around 220spm and that was double from what I was really walking.

So after my run I downloaded the data from Zwift into RunGap and exported the FIT file.
In the RunGap App the cadence also was shown with an average at 220spm - but in the FIT file I see that cadence is only at average 88 RPM and a max 122 RPM in the single measured points.

And that was what I was counting when counting my left right left steps I took

So where is the error in this? Why is SPM doubled from what I really was doing?

Hi @GoetzPhil
I’m seeing something unusual about that specific session log our server.

The RUNN is connecting as a run speed sensor, of course. But it’s also connecting as a “control trainer” which the RUNN is not. Control trainers respond to the game when there’s a change in pace, or hill gradient. I suspect there’s something happening during the pairing phase where it’s not bonding as the correct type of sensor.

Just last week, we published a guide to mount the RUNN to your treadmill, then calibrate it. Would you review this physical setup so we’re confident the optical sensor is installed well?

Then: when you pair the RUNN, can you screenshot what’s connected as your Run Cadence device? I’m curious if the RUNN is bonded there or not.

Would you tell us what brand / model of treadmill you have? Are there any other Bluetooth or ANT+ devices for running or cycling in the vicinity?

I have the run connected like you tell in that article.
I use an iPAd Air 10.5" that has only BLE.
Unfortunately yesterday I hit the Runn while walking, thats why you see a disturbance at around 780m and 67m elevation. After that elevation stays at 67m after I put the Runn on again and continued my walk.

Today I will do a new walk and hopefully will not hit the Runn.
I can then send you also more data if you like, just can you give me an email where to send so I dont have to put it all online here.