Cable issue perhaps?

Good day fellow Zwifters. I received a beautiful Neo Tacx indoor bike today and starting the installation process. The challenge I need some help with is the fact that the cable cord comes out in the rear (under the seat) whereas it needs to be plugged into the jack in the front (under the ventilation units on steering wheel)

The cable is way too short to even come close. Could this be a manufacturing error by any chance?

I attached an image to show you what I am looking at.

Taking a guess since I have only seen the bike and don’t own one…

But is that post/rail assembly w/the cable the same as the post/rail assembly used for the handlebars? If so, you should probably swap them. Then the cable would be of sufficient length.


Hi @Lin_Alan , thank you for thinking along with me. Much appreciated.

I tried to swap the two pieces but quickly saw that the cable is coming from the frame below the seat.

You have it backwards, the seat goes above the fly wheel.


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OMG, I am such an Idiot LOL.

Thank you so much.


Assuming you have the Neo bike sorted now :wink: , look forward to your initial thoughts and/or a review.