Cable Car

Where can I board the cable car, please? 

It’s the only one that turns sharp bends and it casts a shadow without being seen. I bet it’s a great ride.  Add to that a quick easy way to the top of the mountain. 

Where are the top and bottom stations? 

How much should it cost? 

Could I take my bike?

So many questions… Just for fun:)

Check it out as you ride towards the mountain you see the shadow of the cable car on the road but nothing to be seen on the cables.  

Something to think about as you ride maybe?

I notice there is a rider stuck in the snow on the side of Watopia Mountain. This rider has been there for a long as I can remember.

I asked if any assistance was required, I didn’t get an answer. I’ll try again next week. :slight_smile:

Maybe they lost thier laptop while on zwift?

I thought that guy was taking a leak and maybe something gotten frozen to the snow and he can’t get out!