CABLE ANT+ TO BLE with Apple TV Pairing question

I just hooked up Zwift via Apple TV and bought a CABLE ANT+ to BLE converter.  I’m running a Wahoo SNAP trainer.  I have a simple question.  On the Zwift pairing screen do I select the SNAP as both the power source and controllable trainer (as I always did when running Zwift on a PC)?    In my initial attempt the sensors paired fine and show up as CABLE on the pairing screen.   And I see the trainer via CABLE on the POWER SOURCE selection.  But I do not see the CABLE as an option on the CONTROLLABLE.  I do see the SNAP, and could slect it on the controllable pairing (but not sure this is correct).   Perhaps I am missing one pairing with the CABLE device…  but before wasting too much time, I thought I’d ask the community for guidance… I assume many people have faced this since the Apple TV has only 2 open BT inputs, but many folks have more sensors than that.



I’ve got a vague recollection that the charge cannot convert the control ant+.

I hope someone with practical experience can chime in…

I think I read, connect the snap via Bluetooth directly for the power and control, put everything else through the charge.


It sounds like you may be doing this already