C.Cadence and Tour de France Femmes

So, since C.Cadence is riding on Watopia, it seems to be the most popular Pace Partner around.

But this Pace Partner has a troubled naming history. First Coco, then Cara? and now just “C”.

The avatar associated with the PP looks like a woman.

Also Zwift is a major partner of the historical event which is the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift.

A few minutes ago, the amazing rider Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig just won the third stage with an incredible performance.

So I was wondering… C.Cadence, C., Cecilie…
Can’t Zwift fully embrace this historical event by deeply rooting it in-game by officially renaming C.Cadence to Cecilie Cadence?

Oh, and I’ll probably suggest the same thing for Amelia Anquetil obviously, but for this I think it’s better to wait for the end of the TDFFaZ!

We’re about to make some naming changes to all the Pace Partners, but I’m afraid that we won’t be able to use your suggestions.

I sincerely hope Zwift is not about to name the PP’s after actual people; that would be so cringeworthy :roll_eyes:

Wait til you learn who Anquetil was!

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At least I tried!

Maybe use this next time


So, like planned, I’m back to suggest changing Amelia’s name to Annemiek since, well, you know, Annemiek van Vleuten just won the first TDFFaZ!

@Dean Happy now?