By fitness , i spada 2

Has anyone used one of these power meters on an spin bike and would this work

It is a iQ2 powermeter in the picture.
But original costs 199 Euros…

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In the strongest possible terms, do not buy that power meter. The ad you linked is fake. You will get a fake unit. I don’t mean to poop on China, since I am ethnically Chinese myself and we get a lot of good stuff made in China, but the seller is likely based there and this makes recourse very difficult.

The real IQ squared units already have had a lot of problems. The photo shows their original, discontinued design. The company decided this was not possible to produce on technical grounds, and they decided to redesign their units as power meter pedals. Again, this photo is from a design that did not make it to market. Anyone purporting to sell you those is selling a fake. Or, the reviewer I linked (DC Rainmaker) speculated that maybe IQ squared had dumped their old product on some Chinese seller … maybe, maybe not, but even if that were true, remember that the manufacturer discontinued that design for a reason.

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Thanks yes just read into a couple of forums and noticed they have been waiting 2 years for them🤔