Build Me Up workouts outside training plan

I’ve just finished the Build Me Up training plan. There are some of the workouts that I would really like to be able to do again, but I can’t seen them in the workouts menu.
This content already exists so it would be great if it was more accessible. Can the workouts from training plans be added to do whenever we want?

Vote for this one: Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility

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That’s pretty much what I would like.
I can understand why a training plan might want a schedule, but it should be optional if you want to keep to it.

I thought there was a website which had a database of the workouts, or maybe the workouts can be found in your zwift folder?

If not, an annoying option could be to create the workout step by step as a custom workout and save that

What’s on zwift does have the workouts, and you could probably recreate them to some reasonable level using that and zwofactory. Just seems a bit daft given that they already exist, but are locked away.

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