Build Me Up - Halvfems (week 2) bug

(Evert Herremans) #1

While doing the Halvfems workout from week 2 of the Build Me Up plan earlier I noticed a (few) bug(s).

  1. At the beginning of the workout text says: “3x 12 minute 90% FTP blocks”: However the second block is only 10 minutes long (10x1minute).
  2. At the end of this block, going into the 4min recovery block it wrongly says “Just 2 more minutes!”.
  3. 2 minutes into this same 4 min recovery block text says “1 more minute of recovery” (should be 2 OR the message is a minute early).

Nothing game breaking of course… but some smallish mistakes.

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks Evert! I’ll forward this over to our team.

Edit: This has been addressed and should update soon. Thank you for the heads up :ride_on:

(Evert Herremans) #3

Hi again,

I found another bug in the MishMash (week 2) workout. In the final 20minute Z2 block there’s a fault in the text again. At the start of the block (or series of blocks even) it says “just 20 minutes left!” which is fine.

BUT: the same text message is being used 6mins into the 20min block (1h13m into the workout), again saying 20 minutes left, except of course by that point it should be 14 minutes left…

Again, nothing game breaking but I’d just figure I’d report these kinda things back to you.

Kind regards.