Build me up buttercup prep time

Anyone got any idea if Build me up Buttercup prep is supposed to be done in a few hours, the same day as week 1 session 1, or if I’m doing something wrong?

I assumed it was a prep week.

I signed up at 00:05 uk time and it gave me 2hours 46 mins to get all three prep sessions done, so scrapped it and signed up later in the day - now got 7 hours to get the three sessions done and week 1 session one starts 19:00 uk time

Monday morning is the right time to start but I think it is strange that they have the prep section available since when I started the plan a month ago it started straight away on week one and skipped the prep. Not sure what is going on there. Then again I only used the pc app and not the companion app.

I could try on the laptop tonight. I signed up on iPhone app just for ease, and the companion app shows the schedule easier for the purpose of showing you.