Build a velodrome!

(Brian Heiland) #1

I have never raced on a Velodrome , but I have been to races at the track in Trexlertown Pennsylvania.

I think it would be really cool to build a virtual velodrome, and include the events that are run at the real track.

(Tim Corso) #2

But how would you go up and down the banking?

(Francois Poirier) #3

I like the velodrome idea, with all the events it could host. I know moving up/down is effective in real life, but virtual training/racing might still be fun without it.

(Matthew Simpkins) #4

You could create Madison events!!!

(Philip Amos) #5

A velodrome would be great.  You wouldn’t need to go up and down the banking.

I liked using the Velodrome on the BKool software as I could just get into a rhythm and sit at my set wattage as the resistance doesn’t change.  They had leader boards for time periods which was fun as you could track your progress.


(Jon Scordia) #6

The velodrome in TTS (Tacx Training Software) 4 is really good, though overall I find TTS too flaky. So yes a Zwift Velodrome would be great!

(Stewart Ayrey) #7

I like the idea of a velodrome and a range of different races and functions. Plus the ability to just tap out a set watt or have a go at the hour record?

In terms of steering, perhaps use the accelerometers in a paired smartphone? I’m imaging your smartphone strapped to the stem of a bike and the front wheel on a riser block that has the ability to rotate (i.e. steer). Alternative would be to have a sensor in the rotating riser block? Perhaps a bit too complicated!

(C Wolv TeamODZ) #8

Get the Velodrome built!  Build several because of capacity considerations.  Maybe have an A, B, C, and D velodrome.  Provide ways to host different events.  I have used Vdromes on the original Tacx,  TTS and Netathlon.  It adds a totally different dimension and is amazing training if done correctly!

(Ben Hunn) #9

That would be the best thing ever. Probably have to have multiple tracks though.


I have a real velodrome about 30 miles away and I ride it regularly.  I suspect that you would quickly get bored by riding in circles.  Part of the velodrome experience is the lean and the G loads in the turns.  It is lots of fun to go high on the banking and dive toward the sprinters lane. Without that I can’t see how it would be very realistic.  Opinions may vary.