Build a velodrome!

I have never raced on a Velodrome , but I have been to races at the track in Trexlertown Pennsylvania.

I think it would be really cool to build a virtual velodrome, and include the events that are run at the real track.

But how would you go up and down the banking?

I like the velodrome idea, with all the events it could host. I know moving up/down is effective in real life, but virtual training/racing might still be fun without it.

You could create Madison events!!!

A velodrome would be great.  You wouldn’t need to go up and down the banking.

I liked using the Velodrome on the BKool software as I could just get into a rhythm and sit at my set wattage as the resistance doesn’t change.  They had leader boards for time periods which was fun as you could track your progress.


The velodrome in TTS (Tacx Training Software) 4 is really good, though overall I find TTS too flaky. So yes a Zwift Velodrome would be great!

I like the idea of a velodrome and a range of different races and functions. Plus the ability to just tap out a set watt or have a go at the hour record?

In terms of steering, perhaps use the accelerometers in a paired smartphone? I’m imaging your smartphone strapped to the stem of a bike and the front wheel on a riser block that has the ability to rotate (i.e. steer). Alternative would be to have a sensor in the rotating riser block? Perhaps a bit too complicated!

Get the Velodrome built!  Build several because of capacity considerations.  Maybe have an A, B, C, and D velodrome.  Provide ways to host different events.  I have used Vdromes on the original Tacx,  TTS and Netathlon.  It adds a totally different dimension and is amazing training if done correctly!

That would be the best thing ever. Probably have to have multiple tracks though.

I have a real velodrome about 30 miles away and I ride it regularly.  I suspect that you would quickly get bored by riding in circles.  Part of the velodrome experience is the lean and the G loads in the turns.  It is lots of fun to go high on the banking and dive toward the sprinters lane. Without that I can’t see how it would be very realistic.  Opinions may vary.