Bugs in heds up display

I really like the new heads up display shown at the sprint and hill climb. I’ve noticed two bugs that I’d like to report:


One is that there’s a formatting error in the time displayed when I cross the line. My finish time for the sprint or hill climb shows tenths of seconds incorrectly, sometimes missing a leading zero. If I finish in “38.09”, for example, the leader board will correctly show “38.09” but the heads-up display will show “38.9”.

Another is that the number of seconds for the finishing ETA is sometimes 60. For example, if I’m expected to finish my lap in 21 minutes flat, the ETA is sometimes displayed as “20:60” and sometimes as “21:00”. Looks like some rounding isn’t rolling over to the minutes value.

Hope this helps, and thanks for the improvements. Showing the distance remaining and the ETA is a useful enhancement!

These should all have been fixed in the most recent update. Thanks for the report!

These were fixed (Thanks!!) then broke badly in 6766.  The newest build (with the UCI courses; is it 7001?) makes them a bit better, but there are still problems.


I hope you can get the feature settled down soon!