Bug when doing a morning ride and evening ride on the same day


My total miles are right but yesterday morning I rode 15 miles and then 30 miles after dinner. The only ride that shows up on my dashboard is the morning ride of 15 miles. I am sure I made more power in the evening as I bumped up my Powerbeam Pro another 10 more watts.


Perhaps you used the same filename to save the ride and this caused a problem?

Moved bug report to troubleshooting forum.

Joe: Can you submit a support ticket and send us a screenshot of your dashboard? Be sure to reference this forum thread, too.


I am not sure I can change the name of the file as it auto names and uploads the ride to the Zwift Servers in the Cloud. I am running a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 20112) on 10.10.2

Yes I created a ticket, this processes is new so thanks for the pointers.