[Bug] Update Membership dashboard to chronologically sort payment history entries

When logging into the dashboard for my account, and going to “Settings → Membership”, the list of “Payment History” entries is shown, but it’s sorted in what appears to be a random order. It’s not alphabetically and it’s not chronologically.

I’ve numbered the entries in the above screenshot to show how they’re randomly sorted.

Can you please fix this, so it’s sorted oldest to newest (with most-recent charge at the top of the list)?



Hey David, Happy New Year! Thanks for the report. Sort order should be as you indicate. 

Hi Scott

Are we able to print a copy of a receipt/invoice from this payment list somehow?


12/11 EDIT: Invoice function is coming, but not currently available.

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Is there any development in receipt/invoice printing from my payment history? 

I would need an invoice for the payments I have made and will make in the future.