Bug? Ride seemed considerably slower than normal

My Hilly Route lap today felt significantly slower despite my output being the same as my normal. I noticed many, many riders with much lower w/kg were passing me throughout the ride.

my lap time was 19:52 / 240W avg.  I have a lap from October of 15:14 / 251w avg.  and even a lap of 18:47 / 189W avg?  Why was my time so much slower today despite higher average?

i took part in a group training session yesterday, which I think has some sort of speed limiter/management to keep the group together, is there a chance this was still active?



In the other 2 rides you mentioned were you in a group ride getting the benefits of the draft and this time you road solo? Another thing to check is if your in-game weight is set correctly.

You might also want to submit a ticket with your log file: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Hi Gary, I think you may be on to something. We’ll double check to make sure a previous group workout can’t affect later rides.

In-game weight is set accurately and all rides were solo.


Jon, i’m happy to submit log files etc if you need.

Same problem on apple TV. I verified my weight. On flats or climbs I can be doing 3.0 W/kG and be passed by anyone doing around 1.2 W/kG. I weigh 70kG. I think it is related to a group ride setting being stuck.

This keeps happening to me too. I can see my watts drop by 200 when someone gets on my wheel. On a slow climb my avatar will put a foot down while I’m pedeling hard.