Bug: Race reports not loading graph data

The race report screen on ZwiftPower is currently broken. The API call that loads the main analysis is reporting PHP errors.

e.g. the race report page from a recent event of mine /racereport.php?id=3271355263136793000

makes an API call to /api3.php?do=analysis&zwift_id=743592&zwift_event_id=2167719

(both links need zwift power . com adding)

This call is responding with;

[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/include3/fZwift.php on line 1700: mkdir(): No such file or directory

[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/config_zwift.php on line 986: file_put_contents(cache/fit/743592/853016460644021008.fit): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

{“xData”:[0.05,0.06,0.07,0.09 (DATA TRUNCATED AS TOO LONG TOO POST)]}

Did anyone from admin look into this post? The race report graphs have been broken since April.


Did anyone ever look at this?

@JamesBailey any idea if this is on the list of things to fix or if whatever work is being done on zp will provide a solution.

As race organisers it’s vital that we have access to users ride data to investigate complaints. Or are we better to submit every complaint to the Zwiftpower team?

I raised the issue twice on the forum and also raised a support ticket with Zwift but got no response. When raising the ticket I was told that the Zwift Power team would reply but they never did.

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Do me a favour because it’s early and not something I’m familiar with. How do you get to the race report screen that you’re referring to?

Yes can do that. I’ll add pictorial example when I’m work today.

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If you go to a riders profile on zp then next to each event on the far right there is a link to race report

This used to bring a report a bit like strava analysis so you can see how they are applying power and cadence. All it does now is show work in progress so as an organiser i’m left either having to search for strava and hope that it’s public or submit every single suspicious rider to zp to look at.



Thanks Gordon. I’ll bring it up.

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@Gordon_Rhino-Racing got their first. I will add this screenshot though showing the API calls on page load and the errors being returned for api3.php?do=analysis.

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Used to show something like this however without the colours in the chart (the same styling as the dual record charts). This was the only example I could find when searching.

Thanks for bringing it up @JamesBailey , it would be great to see this one working again :+1:.


Whoop looks like this one has been fixed :smiley:. Thanks @JamesBailey and zwift :+1:.


Thanks for the update. I can view my own race reports, but other riders still don’t open? Is that the same for everyone?

They almost all seem to work for me. Just done a random sampling of 4 riders who finished recent events and I can see graphs in their history. The only ones that don’t load are those for events that have just finished, these entries also don’t have the full power breakdown on the list pages so perhaps not surprising. I’ll check back with those examples later.

Great thanks. Must be an issue at my end so I will experiment!
Also thanks James for fixing this!

thanks, great to see that fixed after being broken for so long.

and am i going mad but did this not also used to show cadence?

I want to say yes but it might have only been on another graph, I can’t remember for sure. The analysis one shows it.

The example I found earlier from very recent events that did no work now work so just a lag before the data becomes available.