Bug on Zwifters Side in Android Companion App

Android Companion app

For group rides, there is no distance traveled on Zwifter’s side. Instead, there is always 0 km for me.


That’s why I’m always confused as to whether my participation in a group departure started properly. After an Android update without restarting the program, my journey was not counted, I look after the beginning always in the lower left corner of the screen, whether “menu” and “leave event” after passing the Startline disappears from the screen.

Zwift Staff:
Please fix the obvious bugs on the different screens in IOS, Android and Windows and react to the reports of so many users.
Please open a feed for the users, in which the reported errors, which will be cleaned up in the next update, are enumerated. This should be possible!

Hi @Johann_Gilles_ZRG

This is a known issue with the game app that was fixed in the November release. I see that you are already running the latest version on your Windows computer, so it’s somewhat puzzling that you are still seeing it. It’s possible that there is some cached app data messing with things.

Would you mind trying uninstalling the game app on your Windows machine and reinstalling?

To be thorough, let’s try the same thing with the Zwift Companion app on your Android device too. Please let us know how that works out?

Hi Shuji,

On my Windows computer, I uninstalled Zwift, shut down the computer, then reinstalled Zwift, installed Zwift’s update, and shut down the computer. The same for the Android Conpanion app. Uninstalled, Samsung S2 tablet turned off. Android launched, Companion App installed and what happened? Again, the same error with the display of 0.00 km. But now new in Windows: No “GO ON” in the timeline on the Windows computer, though received 45!