BUG: Kickr turns off on the radio tower climb

I have been encountering an annoying bug that prevents me from riding up the radio tower climb.

Am on Apple TV with Kickr 2018 with the latest firmware installed. What happens is that when I get to the base of the radio tower (ie after you take the turn, do the little descend and start the climb), my Kickr turns off. It then turns back on, reconnects, and then turns off. The only thing you can do is try and u-turn which is not easy when the Kickr is turning in/ off.

This issue started happening around July after one of the updates and has not been resolved with any of the updates. It always happens in the same place which makes me think this is a Zwift issue not a Wahoo one. Before July everything was rock solid, no issues whatsoever.

It’s also happened a few other places and have a video of it happening in Innsbruck. In the video you can see both the Ant+ and the BT lights go off and then come back on, reconnect and then go off again.

Am pretty convinced it’s a Bluetooth issue and is not a network issue, I stay connected to Zwift through out.

It’s really annoying.