Bug: Inability to delete workout segments (iPadOS)

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you can just drag it off the bottom of the workout - no need to go to the trash can (or bin - I’m british! haha)

one workaround is to make the segment wide enough to the drag off the bottom, the problem is when you drag from the edge of the segment and it resizes it in stead of draging it - it is hard not to with smaller segments on a phone or tablet.

No, it doesn’t make a difference - if I drag it “down” it typically just reduces the power of the interval (i.e. reduces its height).

Tried that, makes no difference - it occurs even when i drag right and the interval is already at maximum width. I am using a large tablet (ipad pro) so its nothing to do with screen size.

I have to say that the ‘humorous’ part of this is that when editing workout segments in iPadOS I regularly delete segments that I don’t actually want to delete. I’m not exactly sure what I am doing, but they regularly just go POOF, and then I have to add them back.

I’m pretty sure I’m doing the ‘drag’ thing Chris mentioned, but not positive.

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I meant you don’t have to drag it to the bin to delete it.

do you drag it to a bigger width and then stop touching the screen then drag it? works for me on android

Yes I get the same thing. I’m never clear why that happens either!

Yes, doesn’t work on iPadOS I’m afraid, or at least not 9 out of 10 times or more.

so if you drag the segment wider then try and drag from the middle of that bigger segment it doesn’t work?

I’m calling user error on this one or you have very wide fingers :rofl:

edit - if you start a new workout and just drag one segment on are you able to drag that off the bottom of the workout if you drag from the middle?

That is correct. it simply does nothing (most of the time)

No, it simply reduces the height (power) of the segment to the minimum permitted (most of the time).

It will, very very occasionally, work. I don’t seem to do anything different on those occasions.

it definitely works on android

It seems to work for me. I drag from the bottom as dragging from the top reduces the power

If I select and drag any section either above, below, or to the right/left of the main window on iPad Pro it removes that section from the workout.

So this works as expected for me. Note: You don’t have to drag it into the trashcan, just outside of the workout builder area.

Yes hit and miss for me on IPad Air 2. Not easy to understand or use but I was able to drag and remove, sometimes needing to make segment bigger/wider to get enough to check and see what I was actually doing.

I was only messing about as a test, and to learn how to do, but I must say that the game froze/crashed and threw me out 5 or 6 times without saving my changes.

If I was doing this for real I think I would keep saving each change as I made it.

Having made one small custom workout I wonder whether it is almost easier to build from new rather than modify an existing workout ?

OK, this is on iPad OS so perhaps device-specific

Well aware of that, it doesn’t work.

Those add up to a pretty damming indictment of the functionality’s current state :grin:

I’m still calling user error on this.

Others saying it works. I think you’re just dragging too near the edge of the segment so it changes the power or time instead of moving it.

Sorry Chris but that’s tantamount to calling me an idiot. I know what I’m doing, this is a bug.

No it isn’t, it is just saying you’re doing something wrong because everyone else seems to be able to do it correctly.

This is incredibly unhelpful and dismissive, Chris. I know how to use a touchscreen. Get yourself an iPad and try it. The fact that other people are not reporting the bug does not mean they are not experiencing it - not that great a percentage of people create custom workouts, and of those very few actually bother to report bugs to Zwift - even for bugs that effect tends (hundreds?) of thousands of people yuo only get a few people reporting it via these forums - a bug report here is often the tip of the iceberg.

This is the problem that I’ve stated several times with using a “forum” for bug reports - the communication should go straight to Zwift support. It is not helpful for you to dismiss the issue that I am experiencing.

You have reported a bug, other people have said they use the same device as you and are able to do the thing you’re saying isn’t possible. So either they’re lying or it isn’t a bug common to all iPad pros. Even you have said you can do it some of the time on your device.

but whatever, you seem to think i’m unhelpful so i’m out.

@D.A Would you upload a video of the process you’re going through?

I’m also on an iPad (2019 11" iPad Pro) and can’t replicate the issue. Worth noting: I’ve found the edit process more difficult in past (missed touches, lack of precision) but when I attempted to edit a workout just now, it seemed to go smoothly. Wondering if there’s some kind of transient or hyper-specific bug.

Also not ruling out an obscure iPadOS setting - I’ve had a few non-Zwift things break on me after relatively recent OS updates.