Bug? - Critical Power Curve chart Y-Axis not aligned

Reporting a possible bug in the post ride report screen, Critical Power tab.  The current ride graph of sustained power output vs. time does not align on the Y axis with the ‘best’ power output.  The photo below shows a ride which should align with the best power output in some sections, but it appears that the end of the current ride drops to the x-intercept instead of using the same Y-axis plot values as the best power curve.  The scale looks correct, just the zero watts point is not aligned.

See this post on the Zwift Riders facebook group for pictures & additional reports:

Some users are reporting that the graph ‘snaps’ into alignment after some time. For others it does not, which is my experience.

This can be a very useful chart if displayed correctly.  Ride On!

 -edited to remove names from screenshot-

I’m experiencing the same problem. There is a clear gap between the “best” and “this ride” curves at points where they are reporting the same value when I hover over them. At other points, the graphs correctly show a gap. I have even had instances where the best power is displaying a value less than the current ride, although the best graph is clearly above the current ride graph over its entire length!

Same story here. On sporadic occasions the graphs align for a few seconds. No clue what triggers this.