[Bug] Auto-Update totally ignored on Mac client

(... david (aka "setuid")) #1

With the latest version of Zwift as of 2/24, previous functionality is now removed, DRAMATICALLY degrading the performance and experience of the client to the point that it’s almost entirely unusable on Mac anymore. 

So I disabled Auto-Update so it wouldn’t update to that version, and Zwift ignores this option in the menu and force-feeds me the update anyway. 

The only way to get around it, is to block the update servers from pushing the update to me, so I can use the previous (prior to 2/24 update) version instead. 

Please fix Zwift so that it respects the options I’ve selected. If I tell it not to update, do not update

This is a grave bug, as it makes Zwift go from 100% usable to 100% unusable


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi David, auto-update is a feature that checks for updates hourly, and isn’t actually a thing we support yet on mac (unlike PC).

Zwift is an online game and as such we require the latest version of Zwift to ensure it keeps working with our live server code, just like any PS4, Xbox, or even PC online game. I’m not aware of any grave bugs that would cause Zwift to become “100% unusable” at this point - what exactly are you talking about?

(Nicholas Meisenheimer) #3

I think he may be referring to how Mac users are no longer able to pair with Mobile Link after the update. I have seen a few users commenting about this after the update and if you need Bluetooth for your trainer to work Zwift actually has been rendered 100% useless. 

(... david (aka "setuid")) #4

Please don’t hijack the thread. This is exclusively about the Mac client ignoring the disabling of the Auto-Update feature in the menu.

When I disable that option and launch Zwift, I expect it not to check for updates and force them down upon my client. After I’ve disabled the option and Zwift still forces the updates on me. This is a bug.

This is not about the mobile app disconnecting (which works fine in my case anyway, no issues at all with ZML).

For now, I’ve blocked any and all updates to Zwift on both my PC and Mac machines, because these new updates degrade existing functionality and introduce more bugs than they fix into my working configuration.

This is no different than most users should already be doing these days with Windows Updates, Mac System Updates, graphics drivers, AV updates or anything else that is updated on a regular basis. We’ve already seen the gross privacy violations and system instability that silent, background auto-updates do at the OS level (Windows 7 → Windows 10, McAfee/AVG/Comodo updates, NVIDIA drivers and hundreds of other examples).

Forced auto-updates are always a bad idea, since there’s no possible way that every permutation of every configuration and every condition can be tested on every end-user’s environment.

So, they’re disabled on my machines until I can fully and independently test and validate that they work without making my Zwift experience worse than the previous revision.

I can respect your desire to keep everything clean and current, Jon, but that’s not how it works elsewhere. Updates are not forced in many other pieces of software, including PlayStation, XBox or others. You can choose to accept them, or not, at your own peril.

There are some MMORPG/multiplayer online games that have mandatory updates, but that’s because they’re more of an ASP model than a client-server model.

Once my testing of new capabilities addresses the outstanding list of issues/bugs, I’ll consider upgrading to a newer version, but not until that time.


(Paul Allen) #5

Wow David you really have no idea how online gaming works!

(... david (aka "setuid")) #6

Yes, that must be it.

(Paul Allen) #7

David, The other day I had an update to COD: BO3 and I could choose to ignore the update, but online features would be unavailable until I updated. I could play off-line all I wanted, but online was out of the question. Zwift has no real off-line feature so you MUST keep the client up to date in order to play online.

Keeping your computer up to date and drives is recommend for being on the internet, if you don’t you are setting yourself up.

You can keep your tin foiled hat on if you want or you can join the rest of us in the real world.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #8

Sorry to disagree Paul but you’re mistaken.

There are a lot of offline features of Zwift, specifically if you’re remote, on low bandwidth/mobile, want to do an uninterrupted workout and plenty of other features. The part that requires being online at the moment, is the initial authentication and authorization to use the application. You miss out on the cooperative and social aspects of Zwift, but to some, those are a minor feature, not its main selling point. Different strokes.

Also, you do not have to keep the client updated to connect and “play” Zwift online. You may miss some of the newer features, new jersey promo codes, but if you’re not using them anyway, you’re really not missing anything.

I suppose unlike you, I also live in a world where updates (to anything; OS patches, BIOS firmware, firewall rules, application updates, configuration changes) are applied only after fully being tested in an independent manner and only when they _enhance _the features and value of the existing product or fix reported issues and when they _do not _introduce bugs or regression that didn’t exist previously. I don’t apply updates simply because they exist.

That is reality, and that’s how 99% of the industry works. I suppose that doesn’t include the COD: BO3 community though, and that’s fine. This isn’t COD: BO3. 

Just because something is “newer” does not mean it is better. That’s a view from those who don’t have a lot of experience with software, stability and system/infrastructure integration. 

(Mark Hewitt) #9

The way Zwift work is that you are required to have the latest client version installed before you use it. Otherwise inconsistencies can be revealed which can cause problems in the game. 

If you don’t like that, don’t use Zwift, simple really.

(alex shank) #10

David, can you give any examples of current popular multiplayer games that do NOT require a fully up-to-date client in order to play?

(Michael Henasey) #11

David, there are many decaffeinated brands that are just as tasty as the real thing…