BT disconnects me at the start of a meetup

New to the meetup thing but my friend and I had a successful session yesterday after much difficulty. This was our first attempt so I thought perhaps once we got past the learning curve we’d be ok… Today, the second meetup we had the same issue. I am the person inviting the other to the meetup. Both avatars are visible (both using Wahoo Kicker) and both pedaling while waiting for the ride to start. All connections working fine, HR, Cadence, Power, and Controller. Up until this time everything looks great. At the moment the ride starts I lose BT. Power goes to zero… all connection to the Kicker is lost within a second or 2 of the start which leaves me completely stopped about a few feet out of the starting position. The other rider rides away and I am left standing. I have zero issues when I ride alone. I never have BT connection issues other than this scenario. This only happens when I try a meetup. Has anyone else had this issue?