Broadcast UDP on local network

I’d like to be able to program some lights and fan controllers to react to in-game events. Without access to the API, I’m wondering whether it’s possible to add some kind of UDP datagram (or something like that) that would be broadcast over my LAN, which would include basic ride data:

  • Speed, Cadence, Power, HR
  • Current grade
  • Total duration of current ride
  • Target watts for current workout segment
  • Time left in workout segment
  • Whether a RIDE ON was just received

Why? So I can create immersive environment in my pain cave. And to make it possible for creative technical people to add to the Zwift experience, without requiring Zwift to integrate to every single thing…

  • Set up some of my fans so they react to the speed I’m going in-game
  • Make the lights in my pain cave flash when I approach the end of a workout segment
  • Make the lights flash when I get a ride on

Basically, what Jon already did: