Bring back Zwift rowing project

I have been using Zwift for many years. It’s been great. I was very excited a couple years ago to find out Zwift was working on rowing, but recently I found out Zwift rowing was canceled. I know there is a way if using a Concept 2 rower with a pm5 to row your bike around Zwift. I think they should take a break from making new bike routes and get some basic rowing stuff in there. It would open Zwift up to many more users. Certainly a better return on investment than adding another cycling route.

Do you want them to take a break from bug fixes as well?

I like the idea of rowing but there is so much that needs development on cycling i don’t think they have anywhere near enough resource to look at rowing would be my guess. And the user base is much smaller compared to cyclists so I’m not sure how profitable it would be.

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It’s unlikely the team fixing bugs would be the same team to develop rowing. They could likely do both at the same time. My point is that we have an abundance of routes and different worlds to ride on now. They could take a break from creating more and bring in rowing. Adding more routes wont bring in new customers but adding rowing would. I would gladly pay a little more every month to have access to rowing as well. The ROI on a new route would be nothing at this point but would be significant by adding rowing.

I’d be tempted to try it.

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Do you remember a little while ago (mid/late 2020?) there was a Zwift survey? The results of that survey indicated that there was not currently a large enough market for rowing to make it a worthwhile investment of resources.

Zwift therefore directed their resource towards other areas and shelved any progress that had been made on rowing.

There have been a couple of interviews with both Mayfield & Min that state that rowing is not a dead duck but it is on hold for the short-medium future.

No less profitable than Zwift running I’d guess, since that’s free. :smiley:

Its fairly simple business rule, Ignore your main customer base at your peril / Dont take your cash cow for granted.

Asking the current users is a poor way to do it. Zwift has runners and cyclists. The people that row wouldn’t be Zwift users yet.

The current users wouldn’t really be ignored. I’ve been using zwift since 2017. Back when there was 1 map and limited routes. I think we have enough routes and worlds now. If they didn’t come out with any more for a year I would be fine with that.

Not charging extra for zwift running was a huge missed opportunity. Zwift running vould have easily been a 5$ add on. They did raise prices for everybody though. Imo base price could be 15$ per month with running and rowing as 5$ add-ons each. People are paying much more for stuff like peleton and tonal.

In 2017 there was more than 1 map.

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Honestly, I’d pay $5 extra for rowing. :+1:t4:

But I don’t really need lots of water-based courses. I’d be happy with a “rowbike” model and a UI that works with rowing a little better (e.g. change cadence to stroke rate, and display pace in minutes/500m).

Sure, real on-water courses would be great, but personally I’d forego them for native support even if I have to row on land.

That would be cool!

Then maybe it was 2016 idk. Ive been on Zwift a while. When i first joined 100 users on was a lot.

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The people that row wouldn’t be Zwift users yet.

Don’t be so sure - a lot of rowers also cycle as it’s the same muscle group, and most injured rowers cycle while they recover. During the pandemic a bunch of people in my rowing club got into Zwift to break up the training and because we didn’t have enough rowing machines to share out among the whole club. Now everyone’s back training normally, but I bet there are plenty of rowers who would love to be able to relieve the utter boredom of staring at a Concept 2 data screen by doing their steady state sessions to Zwift. I almost never row indoors now I have Zwift, but if Zwift was better with rowing I’d consider breaking up the cycling with more erging.

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  1. You’re older than you care to admit. :rofl:

Then there are people like me who aren’t rowers, but do own a Concept 2 ergo.

Not many people have a C2 or other rower at home, but not many have treadmills either.

I’d assume a fair number of people who run on Zwift do so at a gym, and the same would work just as well for rowing. Indeed, I think a lot of people who aren’t rowers do use the rowing machines at gyms. Having Zwift on a phone would be great.

The main downside I’d guess is that using any treadmill with Zwift is pretty simple with the addition of a footpod, but with rowing machines it’s harder to cover a broad selection. Chances are it would only be Concept 2 (at least at first), and then probably only a PM4 or newer. I’m not even sure if the PM4 broadcast anything other than HR over ANT+.

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I think it would only work on a PM5, although that does cover a reasonable number of people now, they’ve been out for ages.

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You’re right, I didn’t realise they’d been out that long! Checking back, I upgraded my PM4 to a PM5 back in early 2017. :smiley:

But I’d guess a lot of gyms haven’t bothered as there’s not really a compelling need to. Last one I went to still used PM3 on most of their ergos IIRC. That’s the downside of Concept 2 rowers lasting so long, perhaps!

Zwift is currently usable from phone. There is also a way to hook concept 2 with pm5 up to your zwift and row your bike around. You can find it on YouTube. I just think they should bring rowing in now. There are plenty of routes and worlds now. They could easily put the next route on hold for a bit and make it work with concept 2s.