Bridging gaps...

One issue that has nagged at me for a bit is that when I put in an effort to bridge to a rider ahead of me (and hopefully do it successfully), I seem to decelerate too quickly if I try to coast up and blow past them if I don’t.  I suspect some of this may be related to the flywheel on the trainer (Cyclops Fluid 2 in my case) but it would be far more realistic if one could coast onto the back wheel of the rider ahead. 

I also want to comment on the behavior of the ghost riders.  They seem to accelerate far faster than what one would experience in a real ride situation and yet, when you bridge to the wheel of one, they seem to inevitably slow quickly and force you to either pass or dramatically (and unrealistically) slow if you want to rest after bridging across.

We implemented improvements for both of these in last night’s update. If you haven’t already, take a spin around the island and tell us what you think!

Jason, got back on the island today and while the change was subtle, I absolutely noticed a more “real world” feel to things related to my comments above.  Nice work!